The company Vzduchotorg, s.r.o. was registered in 1995.

It's operation is based on making use of longtime traditions in projection, construction, delivery, assembly and maintenance of drying devices and dryer
technological lines, and also of devices for ventilation and air-conditioning in the area of food, chemical, timber, machine industry, agriculture and enviroment protection.

Company is exercising a large scale of activities within the frame of engineering and delivery of devices especially on the markets of former Soviet Union and Central Europe.

The company is in possesion of:
certificate of compliance - certification system GOST of Russian federation;
hygienic certificate for production and products (Ministry of Health of Russian federation;
licence for projection and production of hot air aggregates (PROMATOMNADZOR Minsk)..


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Vzduchotorg s.r.o. Trenčianska 17, 915 01 Nové Mesto nad Váhom Tel:032 / 7717780 E-mail: vzduchotorg@vzduchotorg.sk
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